Wednesday, March 20, 2013

$1,000 Shopping Spree at LS, text "WIN" to 83350

At Les Schwab getting new tires on the suburban because when I stopped by to get the nail out of my back tire (the nail that has been there for months btw... I would have taken care of it sooner I just forgot it was there is all, it's really difficult for me to remember a nail in the tire) they said that my tires had metal showing through and they couldn't repair them at this point. They were too far gone.

I was like, what!? I'll go somewhere else! Somewhere where they are even better than you at tires! Magician's of Tires even! (I assumed in my brain that that would be the name of the company I could then google on the internet, that's why it is capitalized all ready to go...) But there isn't anybody out there who has started that business yet, so I had to come back and pay $1,000 for new tires. Just 'cause a little metal had started to show through.

There goes my Spring shopping trip for capri's that make a size 12 girl look like a size 8. Now how am I going to buy new clothes?! I'll google Magician's of Capri's... maybe, just maybe they can fix the problem I have for the amount of money I am willing to spend.

And do you want to know what is really bad news? Our cruise was cancelled. Just like that. They said don't come, we don't want your kind on our boat. Or possibly they said it's because our cruise was scheduled on the Carnival Triumph (which should sound familiar if you watch the news) which had the all new feces-drenched curtains installed during that 5 day span where it was towed back to port without any power. Something about an unfortunate fire in the boiler room.

Yes, that is our boat. Was our boat. Because they thought it would be fixed and running by late April and they now realize they were wrong. And even though some of you might be like my sister Nicole, who just got back from a cruise herself and returned my call by leaving a message on my phone like, "You called to see how my cruise was so I'm calling to tell you. Aren't you so excited about your upcoming Carnival cruise!"cackled, cackled, guffaw, guffaw. (Carnival had just been in the news for the second ship without power floating around the Caribbean.)

So there goes my cruise and here I sit at Les Schwab in horrible weather with rain dumping outside and all my money in rubber tires. And I'm still a size 12.

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